Privacy policy



General Data Protection Information

for contractors of the GERSON Europe Centre Ltd. on personal data management of GERSON Europe Centre Ltd.

The present document is intended to provide you all the important information related to the management and protection of your personal data by Gerson Europe Centre Ltd. (hereinafter GERSON Ltd.) related to the contract made for your participation in the Gerson training course.

What and why we manage?

In relation to your privacy we manage your below personal data:

a) as a contact information, your name, telephone number and electronic mail address,

b) to be able to give you an invoice, your address,

c) to evaluate your suitability to participate in our training course, your medical reports and discharge letters provided by your health care providers that you transfer to or give us and which serve as medical data.

We call your attention to the fact that due to the scope of our service it cannot be excluded that our colleagues/employees during answering your questions can get further information related to your health, however, GERSON Ltd. shall not record and manage any more data than specified above about you, and the employees are obliged to keep all information that are related to your contractor status confidential and in secrecy.

In evaluating your health condition, a general practitioner contracted by GERSON Ltd. can also be involved, however in this position he is an independent data manager, he shares his examination results with you, and these data get into our data base according to your decision in the areas specified in point c).

The aim of data management

a) partly GERSON Ltd. based on the contract made with you, shall be able to fulfil its responsibilities, with a special focus on your medical capability to attend the training course and further to put the gained knowledge into practice, to ensure your participation on the training course and to be available for answering your questions that are related to the knowledge gained on the training,

b) secondly, GERSON Ltd. shall be able to comply the legal obligations related to the contract made with you (preparing and submitting book-keeping, taxation and other declarations, forms, and statements),

c) thirdly, GERSON Ltd. shall send you – based upon your consent, not explicitly determined as a condition for implementing the service detailed in the contract – information (sending electronic newsletter) about its activity with marketing goals.

Claim for data management

a) implementing the contract made with you, as affected person,

b) your explicit consent referring to the health information,

c) complying the legal obligations of GERSON Ltd., and

d) your explicit consent – separate from signing the contract – by signing up for receiving information (newsletter) with marketing aims.

Management of your data is done according to the following regulations: the act on protection of natural persons with regard to the management of personal data and the free flow of such data, and the 2016/679/EU European Parliament and Council regulation issued on the 17/04/2016 (general data protection regulation) countermanding the regulation of 95/46/EK, as well as on law of CXII issued in 2011 on the rights of informational autonomy and freedom of information (Law on Information).

Who can get access to your data? What organizing and safety measures do we apply to protect your data?

Related to the recorded data, data manager is: GERSON Ltd.:

– headquarters: Téry Ödön u. 18., Pilisszentkereszt-Dobogókő, 2098, Hungary, Europe

– registering authority: Budapest Environs Regional Registry Court,

– registration number: 13-09-123640,

– representative: dr. Nagy Melánia

Leaders, involved and therefore assigned employees of GERSON Ltd. get access to your personal data, employees of GERSON Ltd. having medical qualification get exclusive access to your health related data.

The data manager shall not transfer your data during providing its service to other data managers – except in case of data request proposed by investigative authority, or in case of confiscation as well as in case of disclosure requirements towards the Tax Authority determined by law.

In case of recorded data GERSON Ltd. uses GABELIN KERESKEDELMI ÉS SZOLGÁLTATÓ BETÉTI TÁRSASÁG (Gabelin Commercial and Provider Ltd., trade register number: 01-06-770371, headquarters: 1154 Budapest, Baksay Sándor str. 12, ground-floor, door 4, tax number: 21808030-1-42, representative: Gabriella Kádár) accountancy office.

Data processor gets access to your data for:

– complying her obligations related to the contract between you and GERSON Ltd., based on relevant legislations (especially preparing and submitting book-keeping, taxation and other declarations, forms, and statements)

– your data shall not be used by her besides complying her above obligations

Data processing activity provided by the data processor is done by employees having duties and authorization for data processing.

Data management has low risk; its safety is provided by IT safety solutions: data are handled in own IT equipment protected by password.

Gerson Ltd. and the data processor handles your data only in case and as long as any of the determined goals of data handling exists.

GERSON Ltd. pays special attention not to let your health related data be handled even indirectly by non-authorized persons during its data management process.

It is the special interest of the employer and the data processor that we have accurate information about you and that we handle up-to-date data, therefor we ask you to inform the employer about any data change, or if your data are handled improperly or inaptly.

How long do we manage your data?

With the exception of your name, your contact data is used after the 6-month period following your participation in our training exclusively if you ask us to do so, or if you give us your consent to it. The aim of data management within these 6 months is that the GERSON Ltd. shall be able to provide its follow-up consultation obligations and identify you as a client participating in its training.

Your health data are deleted forthwith finishing the training.

Your name and address are managed until the rights for determining tax obligations (affixes, and other public burdens) become forfeited.

Your email address for sending you newsletters is handled in case of your consent and until this consent is withdrawn.

Can you ask for deleting your data or restricting their usage?

You can any time withdraw your consent to managing your health related data, and in such a case we delete the recorded information immediately. Please note, that if your consent withdrawal happens before participating in our training, and as a consequence GESRON Ltd. cannot evaluate your competence in participating our training, then realization of the contract may become impossible.

You can any time withdraw your consent referred to your contact data given for us receiving information with marketing goals.

You can ask for deleting your personal data or restricting their management, if you think there is no further need for these personal data for the same reason as at the time of data collection or if you have the opinion that they were handled differently or unlawfully.

Besides, you have the right to protest against data management due to reasons related to your circumstances. In case of protest, GERSON Ltd. cannot manage personal data for marketing goals at all. For other purposes only in cases where it can be confirmed that data management is well-founded due to compulsive, legitimate reasons, that take precedence over your interests, rights and freedom, or that are related to proposing, endorsing, or protecting legal claims. Concurrently with protesting, limiting data management can also be required.

Finally, you can also ask for data management restrictions if you debate the accuracy of handled personal data; in this case restriction is valid for that period of time while the data manager is able to check the accuracy of the personal data.

How can you get access to the information related to personal data?

You may request information from us about which of and how your personal data are managed, and you may ask for a copy of those that are stored by the employer. These requests – by data and only at the first time – are provided free of charge.

Right of use and access – to protect your data – can be provided based on a preliminary personal identification. If you intend to contact us with such goal, please contact us by any of the given possibilities:

a) 2098 Pilisszentkereszt-Dobogókő, Téry Ödön u. 18.

b) via e-mail:

We accept complaints related to the legality of data management on either of these given availabilities (postal or email addresses) as well as any suggestions related to measures in connection with data management.

Besides these, in relation to the offence of illicit management of your personal data or of the rights related to your informational autonomy, you may contact and bring an action into the Budapest-Capital Regional Court (headquarters: 1055 Budapest, Markó str. 27., mail address: 1363 Bp. Pf. 16) or the assigned regional court of your residence or to the National Authority of Data Protection and Freedom of Information (1135 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22c.,